Max Allan Niklasson

Full stack development at its finest

Superfast loading times, adaptive or responsive CMS-systems using proven open source software? Does not sound too bad, right?

A great user friendly app making your company being visible in App Store and Play Store? Have an idea? Tell me! I will help you reach your goals!

Or do you just want to browse through my photos and read some about my trips, just d-o it (not tradmarked)!

Full stack development

Full stack development could be difficult to get your head around. But you can rephrase it as "the person building the website from scratch". A full stack developer knows both the front-end development as well as the back-end development.

App development

As you might know already, we spend most of our online time with our smartphone. Therefor you, as a business owner, should ask yourself "How can we have an app to present our product or service". There is no "would" nor "could"! You can always promote your services or products in an app! I mainly create hybrid apps, mostly cause it is the most cost-effective. You write one line of code, for both Android and iOS. When it comes to chosing what way to build your next app, I often selects between React Native or Appcelerator SDK.

Web development

I will never present a Wordpress solution for you! In general I build most of the CMS-systems in ProcessWire, a open-source object oriented content management system. Except the choice of CMS-system, I will give you a design that is both adaptive and responsive. Since I already know from the beginning that I'm not a designer (just look at this front-page) I always work together with the best designers I know.

Special Projects

As you soon might see when browsing around on my website, you will see my addiction to the nature. I love to collaborate on more advanced projects, that could include taxonomical, spatial or other large datasets.


Haha, you got me! I personally do not do design at all. But I collaborate with a really good selection of designers, both in app and web design.

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